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Conditions or Reasons for Planning Application - CB/18/03685/FULL
Conditions or Reasons:
1) The development hereby permitted shall begin not later than three years from the date of this permission.

Reason: To comply with Section 91 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as amended by Section 51 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.
2) No constructional phase of development shall take place, notwithstanding the details submitted with the application, until details of the materials to be used for the control structure and associated infrastructure of the development hereby approved including street furniture and lighting have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The development shall thereafter be carried out in accordance with the approved details.

Reason: To control the appearance of the building in the interests of the visual amenities of the locality.
(Section 12, NPPF)
3) Prior to the control structure hereby approved being brought into use detailed landscape plans and details of landscape maintenance shall be submitted and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. These plans shall include;

Layout for all soft and hard landscaping, and locations of all furniture including any fencing, railings, barriers, lighting, safety equipment (if applicable) seating, sign posts and interpretation boards. etc.
Full specifications for all soft landscaping, including species, types, form, sizes and densities, planting methods and relevant support / protection.
Detail on all hard surface materials including finishes to structures.

Thereafter the development shall be completed in accordance with the approved landscape details.

REASON: To secure appropriate landscape mitigation to ensure enhancement of proposals and appearance given the context of the site and in accordance with SBLP Policy B8; Design Considerations.
4) No development shall take place until a written scheme of archaeological investigation (WSI); that includes provision for post excavation analysis and publication, has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The development hereby approved shall only be implemented in full accordance with the approved archaeological scheme and this condition will only be fully discharged when all of the archaeological work; including post excavation analysis, the publication of the results of the fieldwork and the deposition of the archive with a store approved by the Local Planning Authority has been completed.

Reason: This condition is pre-commencement as a failure to secure appropriate archaeological investigation in advance of development would be contrary to paragraph 199 of the National Planning Policy Framework, revised July 2018, that requires developers to record and advance of understanding of the significance of any heritage assets affected by development before they are lost (wholly or in part).
5) No development shall take place until a written Public Risk Assessment has been submitted and approved in writting by the Local Planning Authority, the development shall be commenced and maintained in accordance with the approved Public Risk Assessment.

In order to protect the safety of future users of the identified formal open space (Chapter 12 NPPF).
6) Prior to the development hereby approved being brought into use, the applicant shall formally submit in writing to the Local Planning Authority a finalised 'Maintenance and Management Plan' for the entire surface water drainage system, inclusive of any adoption arrangements and/or private ownership or responsibilities, and that the approved scheme has been correctly and fully installed as per the final approved details. Any changes to the proposed works shall be submitted (including updated drawings) to the LPA for approval prior to commencement.

Reason: To ensure that the implementation and long term operation of a sustainable drainage system (SuDS) is in line with what has been approved, in accordance with Written Statement HCWS161 and the requirements of paragraphs 163 and 165 of the National Planning Policy Framework.
7) No piling shall take place until a piling method statement (detailing the depth and type of piling to be undertaken and the methodology by which such piling will be carried out, including measures to prevent and minimise the potential for damage to subsurface sewerage infrastructure, and the programme for the works) has been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority in consultation with Thames Water. Any piling must be undertaken in accordance with the terms of the approved piling method statement.

Reason: The proposed works will be in close proximity to underground sewerage utility infrastructure. Piling has the potential to impact on local underground sewerage utility infrastructure.
8) The development hereby permitted shall be undertaken in full accordance with the Councils adopted Construction Code of Practice for Developers and Contractors https://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/info/44/planning/674/codes_of_practice_for_planning.

Reason: In order to minimise the impact of construction work on the amenities of nearby residential properties (Section 12, NPPF)
9) The development hereby permitted shall not be carried out except in complete accordance with the details shown on the submitted plans, numbers:

IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-DR-LO-0213006 P4,
IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-DR-C-0213008 P4,
IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-DR-C-0213038 P1,
IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-DR-LO-0213020 P5,
IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-DR-LO-0213002 P4,
IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-DR-LO-0213004 P4,
IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-DR-GT-0210020 P3,
IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-DR-C-0213029 P4,
IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-DR-GT-0210017 P2,
IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-DR-GT-0210018 P4,
IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-DR-GT-0210019 P2,
IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-RP-EN-0302004-S01-P05-C0200-EA4-LOD4-Outline Maintenance and Management Plan
IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-RP-EN-0305001-S01-P07-C0500-EA4-LOD4-Environmental Report
IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-PL-EN-0306001-S01-P06-C0600-EA4-LOD4-Environmental Action Plan
IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-RP-EN-0310001-S01-P05-C1000-EA4-LOD4-Preliminary WFD Assessment
IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-RP-HY-0905007-S1-P04-IO500-EA4-LOD4-Flood Risk Assessment
IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-DR-EN-0213031 P5,
IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-DR-EN-0213031 P6,
IMTH001742-MMD-00-00-DR-EN-0905017 P6.

Reason: To identify the approved plan/s and to avoid doubt.

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