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Conditions or Reasons for Planning Application - CB/20/02823/DOC
Conditions or Reasons:
12) The development hereby permitted shall not be commenced until a detailed surface water drainage design has been submitted to, and approved in writing by, the Local Planning Authority. The design shall be fully implemented and subsequently maintained, in accordance with the timing / phasing arrangements embodied within the scheme or within any other period as may subsequently be agreed, in writing, by the Local Planning Authority.
The scheme to be submitted shall include:

Plans and calculations showing sufficient disposal, storage and conveyance of surface water (up to and including for the 1in100 year event + a 40% allowance for climate change).
Results of site-specific infiltration testing to support the design of infiltration devices (carried out in accordance with BRE 365).
Details of the full design of the drainage scheme in its entirety and use of SUDS, including the treatment of surface water to manage pollution.
Where discharge to a watercourse or sewer is proposed, correspondence shall be provided with the relevant drainage body/owner to confirm the connection is acceptable, including the rate and volume of discharge.
Overview of proposed construction of the system and any phasing of works.
Confirmation of the management and maintenance arrangements for the surface water drainage system in its entirety, including any split in public and private responsibilities.

Reason: To ensure the approved system will function to a satisfactory minimum standard of operation and prevent the increased risk of flooding both on and off site for the lifetime of the development in accordance with para 103 NPPF and the Non-statutory technical standards for sustainable drainage systems (DEFRA, 2015); and to ensure that the implementation and long term operation of a sustainable drainage system is in line with what has been approved, in accordance with Written statement - HCWS161.
14) Before the premises are occupied all on site vehicular areas shall be surfaced in a manner to the Local Planning Authority's approval so as to ensure satisfactory parking of vehicles outside highway limits. Arrangements shall be made for surface water from the site to be intercepted and disposed of separately so that it does not discharge into the highway.

Reason: In order to minimise danger, obstruction, and inconvenience to users of the highway and of the premises.
(Policy 25 DSCB)

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