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Consultees for Planning Application - CB/18/02458/OUT
A Statutory Consultee is an organisation or other interested party that has been consulted on this application.

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Total Number of Consultees Consulted:55

Consultation Letter Sent

23/07/20181) Early Years Spending Officer
23/07/20182) Education Spending Officer
23/07/20183) Sport and Leisure Spending Officer
23/07/20184) Affordable Housing Spending Officer
23/07/20185) Community Halls Spending Officer
23/07/20186) Libraries Spending Officer
23/07/20187) Walking & Cycling Spending Officer
23/07/20188) Countryside Access Spending Officer
07/11/20189) Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group
07/11/201810) Town Planning Team LNW
23/07/201811) National Grid Customer Support Team
07/11/201812) Environment Agency
07/11/201813) Rights of Way (Area 1), Central Bedfordshire Council
07/11/201814) Transport Strategy - Travel Plans
07/11/201815) Self Build Officer - EPT Team
07/11/201816) Pollution Team - CBC
07/11/201817) Archaeology
07/11/201818) Conservation Officer - North, Central Bedfordshire Council
07/11/201819) Youth & Community Artsworker
07/11/201820) Waste Services
07/11/201821) Anglian Water
07/11/201822) SuDS Management Team
07/11/201823) MANOP
07/11/201824) Sustainable Growth/Climate Change
07/11/201825) Technical Specialist Team Leader, Central Bedfordshire Council
07/11/201826) Regional Planning & Environment Team
07/11/201827) Housing Development Officer
07/11/201828) Trees and Landscape
07/11/201829) Interim Local Plan Team Leader
07/11/201830) Landscape Officer
07/11/201831) Highways Team (Development Management)
23/07/201832) Transport Spending Officer
23/07/201833) Public Transport Spending Officer
07/11/201834) Clerk to Sutton Parish Council
07/11/201835) Cllr S Watkins
07/11/201836) Cllr Mrs J Lawrence
07/11/201837) Clerk to Biggleswade Town Council
07/11/201838) Cllr S Watkins
23/07/201839) Cllr Mrs J Lawrence
07/11/201840) Cllr D Lawrence
07/11/201841) Cllr T Woodward
07/11/201842) Bedfordshire and River Ivel Internal Drainage Board
07/11/201843) Ramblers Association
07/11/201844) Historic England E-Notifications
23/07/201845) Ramblers Association
07/11/201846) The British Horse Society
07/11/201847) Architectural Liaison Officer, Bedfordshire Police
07/11/201848) Pollution Team - CBC
07/11/201849) Bedfordshire and River Ivel Internal Drainage Board
07/11/201850) UK Regenerations Ltd
07/11/201851) Highways England
07/11/201852) Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service
53) Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport & the Regions
07/11/201854) NHS England
07/11/201855) Campaign Protection Rural England (Bedfordshire)
Unfortunately, the consultation period for this application is not open. Please contact the case officer directly if you have any questions.

In addition to consultations with the bodies listed, publicity of this application will be undertaken in accordance with national and local requirements. This publicity most usually takes the form of letters to individual nearby properties, the posting of site notices or the placing of a public notice in the local weekly newspaper.

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