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Background Information on planning data

This section contains core statistics about the data stored online.

There are 102802 applications available to search through at this site. The earliest application was registered by the Council on 10/09/1947 and the most recent application was registered by the Council on 12/08/2022.

The planning information here contains information relating to registrations, decisions, and appeals and is synchronised once per day with the system that Planning use to process the applications. The last synchronisation occurred on 11/08/2022.

If you have an application that is currently being processed by the council then you can find out its current status by using these pages. If you know the application number (you will find this number on the correspondence that you have received from the Planning Department) enter it - including the /'s in the box below and press submit.

Enter the Application Number you wish to search the Applications Register for.

Application No:

When your planning application is received by the Council the planning department check to ensure that the correct fees and required documentation have been provided. If everything is in order your application will be registered and the application will be available on these pages. The Council will contact you by letter and explain, if for any reason your application cannot be registered.

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