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Conditions or Reasons for Planning Application - CB/20/00074/ADV
Conditions or Reasons:
1) This consent is limited to a period of five years from the date of this decision.

Reason: To comply with Regulation 14 of the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007.
2) No advertisement is to be displayed without the permission of the owner of the site or any other person with an interest in the site entitled to grant permission.
3) No advertisement shall be sited or displayed so as to -

endanger persons using any highway, railway, waterway, dock, harbour or aerodrome (civil or military);

obscure, or hinder the ready interpretation of, any traffic sign, railway signal or aid to navigation by water or air; or

c. hinder the operation of any device used for the purpose of security or surveillance or formeasuring the speed of any vehicle.
4) Any advertisement displayed, and any site used for the display of advertisements, shall be maintained in a condition that does not impair the visual amenity of the site.
5) Where any advertisement is required under these Regulations to be removed, the site shall be left in a condition that does not endanger the public or impair visual amenity.

Reason: Conditions 2-6: To comply with the provisions of Schedule 2 (Regulation 2 (1) of the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007.
6) This consent relates only to the details shown on the submitted plans, numbers CBC/001, 149950 (Planning A) 1 of 5, 149950 (Planning A) 2 of 5, 149950 (Planning A) 3 of 5, 149950 (Planning A) 4 of 5 and 149950 (Planning A) 5 of 5

Reason: To identify the approved plan/s and to avoid doubt.

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